First a screen shot of a draft plan of the ground floor worked out before we left the old house.
(Click once on the image for a larger view then the <- button on your browser to continue.)

Then the rooms as they became some 9 months after moving in.
Two in the entrance hall, looking back towards the front door and then, looking left from the same spot, into the living room:-
Hall Through door
Now four in the L-shaped living room, from just through the door, then from the other end looking back to the door; then turning left and looking down the other limb of the L and the from the far end looking back.
Living room 1 Living room 2 Living room 3 Living room 4
In that last picturer the kitchen door just shows on the left. The next two pictures are from that end of the kitchen, at the far end showing the door out into the hall, and then from the other end looking back.
Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2
Now,crossing the hall and walking down the central corridor, on the left we pass a bathroom and a cupboard full of plumbing accessories (not shown) and come to our bedroom. There are several Peter pictures on the wall and some by Mary's Uncle.
Finally for the rooms on the left side there is the Music Room. Again this is L-shaped and the pictures are from the door, looking back, and down the other branch of the L.
Music Room 1 Music Room 2 Music Room 3
The door at the end of the music room opens on to the back garden. That corner of the room gets used for getting the washing in and out and for storing dirty boots and garden jackets!
Going back along the central corridor on the left again is another bathroom (not shown), the guest bedroom, and the small, cramped study.
Guest bedroom Study

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