*******The Garden*******

Some views of the garden as it has developed during our short time here.
There is much more to do!

First a reminder of the entrance from the road
From road
(Click on the image for a larger view.)

Then go through the gate, turn left and look up the hill.
These two pictures show front of the eastern side of the garden with its small pond
The pond is fed from a small spring that trickles continuously in just the far side of the shrub.
E Front Pond

Turn again and walk up to the steps up to the house at the far end of the garage.
Looking on past the house there is the huge Leylandii at the west border.
We had this, with its 20 trunks, decapitated soon after we moved in.
Looking to the right there is the main part of the front garden.
Leylandii W Front

On to the corner of the house and there is the western boundary hedge. This is due for much work later.
In the picture Mary was removing some of the unwanted hazels.
Hedge work

From the same point turning left to look past the door from the dining area, up the hill.
The rest of the hedge is on the right and further on, more of our trees, and our northern neighbour's gable end.
W Side

Then going up to the corner of the house and looking left there is the back garden with the path behind the house, the patio, the eating apple tree, the shed and the choisya.
From in front of the shed look back for the other view of the garden.
A quick peep into the shed shows how it is used.
Back looking E Back looking W Inside Shed

Now looking from the shed past the East end of the house there is a raised dry ledge with odds and ends, two raised beds with raspberry canes and the log store all along the eastern boundary hedge.
Going on down we come again to the spring end of the pond.
E Side Spring end

The circuit of the garden is done. Much has been left out and there is much yet to be done.
Those that can should come to see it for themselves.

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