*******Outside the House*******

First a view of the house from Third Acre Drive:-
From road
(Click on the image for a larger view.)

Then two closer views of the front of the house showing the windows (from left to right) of the music room, our bedroom, the en-suite, the kitchen and the dining area.
E Front W Front
Then walking on past the front and round the corner the west end wall showing (just) the door from the dining area, the end window of the living room and the whole of the back of the house including the back door and the patio.
Back 1
The next two show the eastern half of the back of the house in more detail. First is an early snap taken before the PV panels were installed. It shows the windows of the study, the guest bedroom and the 3rd (!) bathroom and the door out of the music room. The washing line has been superseded by a posh new 'whirly'. The other picture is a more recent view of the same area.
Back 2 Back 3
Finally comes a view of the east end of the house showing the two end windows of the music room and the window of an area at the top of the stairs.
East end

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